Moving company Copenhagen

Moving companies in Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark

Congratulations! So, after a long time of negotiation, you have finally decided to move to Denmark. But, have you planned your moving journey yet? If your answer is no, this guide is for you.

In this guide, we are going to talk about some much-needed facts about moving companies in Denmark, their benefits, etc. Additionally, you will understand how crucial it is to make a checklist before starting your moving journey. So, if you are interested, let’s begin.

Which are the best moving companies in Denmark?

If you are looking for a leading, reliable, and expat-friendly moving company in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, you can fill in your details below, and you will receive up to 5 free quotes from moving companies. Whether you are from a neighbouring town or another corner of the world, with these companies, your moving journey will be easy for sure.

Moving companies in Denmark – why should you opt for one?

If you are planning to move to Denmark, you must get ready for a rollercoaster ride, as moving to a new place is not as easy as it sounds like. It requires lots of time, endeavor, energy, and patience. Additionally, you need professional help as you do not know much about the new country you are moving to.

Hence, you should always contact a Global moving company before taking things into your own hands. It will save time, effort, and money. A moving company Copenhagen will take all responsibilities of your products from packing, moving, arranging, etc., without any drawback. Moreover, you don’t have to pay different service providers separately.

Why a checklist?

Moving to a new country with all your belonging from the old home is indeed a lot of work. However, getting in touch with a moving company Denmark can reduce your efforts, making and following a checklist is equally crucial. Furthermore, it is a lot of fun. So, each time you opt for a fun checklist, you gain some extra confidence and the process ahead becomes stress-free and lesser time-consuming.

Therefore, before going further, you have to make an advance checklist. You can elect eight-week, four-week, two-week, one-week, as well as last-minute checklists for a permissive move.

So, now, let’s go through some points you can add to your checklist.

8 weeks before you move:

  • Create and print out your checklist
  • Check out all appointments related to moving
  • Begin your search for moving companies
  • Sell or donate unwanted stuff
  • Do a deep clean

2 weeks before you move:

  • Finalize an expat moving company
  • Get moving coverage
  • Purchase packing supplies
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Tune-up your car
  • Fill your prescriptions

4 weeks before you move:

  • Change your address
  • Update and cancel your local subscriptions
  • Start packaging relatively unessential things
  • Update your driving license
  • Start planning for a farewell party

1 week before you move:

  • Pack all big stuff
  • Pack your dresses and suitcases
  • Clean empty rooms
  • Get cash
  • Donate or sell your unwanted things

1 day before you move:

  • Check all your packed stuff
  • Get final cash
  • Check all rooms

On the day of moving:

  • Check your paperwork and documents
  • Assist the packers and uploader with the process
  • Do a final cleaning
  • Tip your movers


Hopefully, now, you will not confront any difficulties in your moving journey. Try to make a checklist, follow it, contact a decent moving company, and the ‘future you’ will thank you for sure. So, start planning from today! Best of luck!